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Today I shall tell you how to find out the real price range of the used cars. If you are buyer or seller you can equally make use of this calculator and in this way you shall find whether the car you are buying or selling is of the price worth for it.

The features of the used car price calculator

The link of the calculator is given on this page but before you use it we shall guide you the features so that you can use it to your satisfaction

Year of automobile model

On this calculator firstly you will find the model of the vehicle. Write the model year of your vehicle and there is a wide range of the years and you can select from 1940 to 2018.

Car make, model and version

In this option you have to give the model of your vehicle. There are many options like; Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Nissan, Daihatsu etc. Once you have selected the make of your vehicle now you have to select the model like; Mehran, Cultus, Alto, Wagon R etc. Similarly in Toyota you can select Corolla, Vitz, Passo, Prius and Aqua etc. After selecting model you have to select the version of your vehicle, like, in Mehran there are different versions as VX Euro II, VXR Euro II, VX Euro II (CNG), VXR Euro II (CNG) etc.

Mileage of your vehicle

Here give the mileage of your car. You have to write that how many miles your car has been driven.

Color of your vehicle

Write the color of vehicle the one that you are selling or the one you want to buy.

Registration city of vehicle

Write the name of the city where the vehicle you are looking for / selling is registered.

Your Profile

Select between the two options whether you are seller or buyer
Once you have done all that now go and click on Calculate button. The calculator shall give you the lowest and highest range of price for your vehicle.

Used car calculator

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