Use internet as USB

Internet utilities

Now there is no need to keep USB with you. Try using online USB. Its free for all the users

Keep your documents in online USB and use it in laptop, desktop, tab and mobile wherever you are. Now there is absolutely no need to keep USB with you. Your documents shall be well kept on internet protected by the password and can only be accessed and downloaded in your computer, your laptop, your tab and your mobile.

There shall a folder in your computer and once you paste anything in it it shall automatically upload to your online USB. Whenever you have any other computer, laptop, tab or mobile you just have to install your online USB with your account and it shall automatically download whatever you need from your online USB.

Now go wherever in the world you need not to keep your USB with you. You can keep your documents safe in internet. Now let me introduce you to such USBs you can install in your computer, laptop, tab or mobile and connect them to online USB.

There are three major softwares that provide you this facility. These softwares provide you free space on some GBs. I shall guide you how to download and install those softwares and how to use them. Just follow the following steps;

Go to Google and type “download onedrive”

You can directly go to and download your drive from there.

Once you have downloaded you have to install it

In the process of installation you shall be asked to give the email address

Give your email address and proceed

During the installation it shall create a folder of OneDrive in your computer

One the installation is done you shall see the icon of OneDrive at the right bottom of your computer beside time

One it’s done you have to sync the files

Right click on that icon and select settings

Select the folder tab

Click on choose folders

And that folder shall be sync

There are other such online USBs such as; google drive and dropbox. What you need to do is to download and install them. You can use Google drive even if you have gmail account. Initial free limit of your dropbox is 05 GBs which increases to unlimited extent if you are referring other persons to use dropbox through your account.

Enjoy online USBs and keep your important data there. Keep on visiting for more useful information.


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