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پیج کے آخر میں آپ اُردو میں بھی پڑھ سکتے ہیں

Sometimes we have two Whatsapp accounts or two Facebook accounts and we have to keep two mobile phones to use both of them. It is not handy if you use two phones all times therefore people often search for the method to resolve this issue, since, as they think, it is not perhaps possible to keep two Whatsapp and Facebook accounts in one phone, whereas, on the other hand, that too is not quite handy if you keep two phones instead of one.

If you are the one suffering from that problem and want to have a binding solution then you are on the right page. Here we shall tell you how to make it possible that you get rid of carrying extra burden and have two whatsapp and Facebook accounts running simultaneously just in one phone. So here goes the method;

Method (keeping two accounts in one phone)

Google play store has ever been a biggest solution for all problems. Open it and install “parallel space”. This application gives you a solution by creating parallel space in your mobile in order to use two applications simultaneously whatever they are. This method works with all phones. Follow the instructions

1. Open Google play store and install the app named “parallel space”
2. Open the app and click on “Add App” option.
3. It will give the names of all such apps installed in your mobile that carry accounts and can be installed once, such as; Whatsapp, Facebook, Imo, Truecaller, Careem etc.
4. Select the app you want to clone (another app in the same mobile) and click on “Add to Parallel Space”

By this way you can create the second account of Facebook or Whatsapp and use it.
Enjoy it and keep on visiting us for lot more useful information.

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