The most common faults in UPS and how to fix them

Easy step-by-step method to repair UPS

Now-a-days in extreme hot weathers in many parts of the world people really need UPS. And it is really a very big problem when UPS gets out of order because of any reason. If you are facing such problem we shall give you the binding solution of that. We shall discuss here the common problems with UPS and how to resolve them. And if you concentrate you can resolve by yourself. So lets get started.

Fault One: UPS is not charging

If your UPS is not charging remember there are two possible reasons which are as follows;
UPS fuse is tripped
UPS VDRs are tripped


If you have a UPS that is not charging and that is a serious problem in summer, but remember, its solution is not that difficult. You have to do the following and your UPS will get fine in just a short time;

How to check replace the fuse of your UPS

There is a fuse box usually along with the port of the power cable.

UPS fuse box

Take a screw driver and open it. See if the fuse is tripped. If it is so change the fuse. UPS usually has one spare fuse in the fuse box. Just use that. By this way your problem shall be solved. Now turn on your UPS and it will work fine. It will go to the line mode and began charging. But if your problem still remains that means you have to change VDRs.

How to check and replace VDRs

In order to change VDRs you have to open UPS. Take the screw driver and open it. Once you opened it
You will see the tripped components which are known as VDRs.


You just have to change them and UPS will work fine as before. Take the solder and replace them. Now turn on the UPS and it will work fine for sure.

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