Real time tracking of the world flights

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Every minute there are thousands of flights in the air. Many international airlines, planes, helicopters etc are in the flight. Flightradar24 can track all of them.

Do you know it is quite possible that you could track the entire flights around the world on your computer, tab or mobile? Doesn’t it look unbelievable! but it is possible. It is quite interesting because this tracking is the real time tracking. The planes you see flying on the map are in fact flying at the exact place where they are shown, and once they have landed they disappear from the tracking. This tracking system is 100% reliable. You can check it.

Many times we are worried about the exact arrival time of the flights that carry our family or friends. We have to wait longer sometimes than usual. This all is because you have no knowledge of the flight, its whereabouts, speed, height and distance from destination. Try this application;


Features of flightradar24

This application has many interesting features

Map option of flightradar24

You can choose which map you want to see. There are certain options like;

Normal, terrain, satellite, hybrid, silver, dark and aubergine
You can select whatever kind of map you want to see.
Available Aircrafts option of flightradar24
This application will also show you the kinds of aircrafts and you can select which kind of aircraft you would like to track. Also whether or not you would like to see the name of that flight.

Map brightness

You can adjust the brightness of the map as you like

Weather option in flightradar24

It gives the weather option as well

By selecting any aircraft from the map you can see the following;

The name of the aircraft

Height of the aircraft in feet

Ground speed of aircraft in kts

Kind of the aircraft

Departure place

Departure time

Arriving time


Flight path

Graph of the covered and left journey

The option of other flights of that kind of aircrafts

The most interesting option of flightradar24

The most interesting option of flightradar24 is the real time 3D view of the flight. By this option you can see the3D view of the land over which the aircraft is flying. This application is very interesting and informative. Just in an instance you are connected with the flights of the entire world.


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