How to use whatsapp on your computer

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That’s a surprising news for you that you can use whatsapp on your computer or laptop right away. Whatsapp is the busiest app in the world around 60% of the world’s mobile users use whatsapp. While installing whatsapp you are required to associate your mobile number with it and that’s why people think that it is not used in laptops or desktops because it doesn’t have sim.

But the truth is that you can use whatsapp in your laptop or desktop quite as you use it in your mobile.

Let me tell you how to do it. Follow the following steps;

How to use whatsapp on your computer

Download opera 45.0 from

Install it in your computer

Open opera

Once you opened opera you will see the icon of whatsapp on the left thin column

Click on the icon

Click on “get started” button

Go to “whatsapp web/desktop” from your mobile to scan the barcode from your computer

Meanwhile you will see the barcode on your computer

Once you have scanned the barcode in your mobile whatsapp shall be connected on your laptop or desktop. Now you can use it as you use it in your mobile

How to discontinue using whatsapp on computer

If you want to discontinue using whatsapp in your computer you can easily do it by going to “whatsapp web/desktop” option in your mobile. When you will open that option it will show you the the version of windows of the computer in which you are currently using whatsapp. Go to the options and log out from all computers. That’s it enjoy whatsapp on your computer

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