How to speed up your browser and save it from crashing

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Browser crashing is the very annoying thing we usually experience while working on internet. Remember this always happens because of extensions, add-ons and plugins. Here I shall tell you how to speed up different browsers and save them crashing so that you can use your internet smoothly.

Google Chrome

In order to speed up Google Chrome and saving it from crashing you have to following the following steps;

Go to dialogue box

Select “Settings”

Go to extensions and remove all such extensions that are unwanted.

Other method

Go to dialogue box

Select “settings”

At the end of the page click on “Show advanced settings”

At the end of the page there is a “Reset settings” button. Click on it

Note: Remember the reset settings shall delete all cookies and active logins and refresh entire Chrome you have to reinstall your desired add-ons and extensions etc. And if you want to avoid that don’t use reset option.


The following is the method to speed up firefox

Go to dialogue box and click on Add-ons. You can do it by short code (Ctrl Shift A)

Once the Add-ons page opens go to extensions and remove the extra extensions remember firefox crashes because of extensions and plugins.

Similarly go to plugins page and remove the unwanted plugins.

Note: Remember sometimes firefox crashes because of out dated plugins. Therefore it is also a better idea if you update your plugins. In case of being outdates you shall see update option with each plugin

Internet Explorer

Follow the following method to speed up your internet explorer

Go to dialogue box (gear button at the top extreme right) and click “Manage Add-ons”

Select “Toolbars and Extension” from the left column

Remove unwanted extensions

Other method

It is better idea if you reset your Internet explorer for that purpose do as follows;

Go to dialogue box and select “Internet Options”

Go to Advanced tab

Click on “Reset” button

These are the solutions to keep browsers from crashing or making it speedy for smoother browsing. Slow and crashing browsers are usually because of extensions, plugins and add-ons

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