How to see your Bills before time

Mobile / Internet utilities (PTCL Bills, Gas Bills, Electricity Bills)

Often we have to wait for the bills because we have to adjust our monthly budget according to that. Sometimes it happens that we cannot receive the bill in time and once you pay it after due date there comes a problem that in the next month it is shown in arrears and then there is drudgery of correcting it. So here we are going to tell you that you can see all sorts of bills on internet and download them (Electricity, Sui gas, PTCL, Broadband EVO etc). Just make a print of it and submit your dues on that.

Online bills for PTCL, Broadband

If you want to see the bill of your PTCL, Broadband or EVO wireless there is a simple method as follows.

Open this webpage
Enter your Phone Number and Area code and click on search button
Your bill shall be shown. If your want to download it there is an option of Print at the top left corner. Click on that and save the page that opens. You can pay the bill on the printed copy.

Online bills for Sui Gas

In order to see the online bill of your sui gas just do the following;

Open this webpage
Go to Customer number option and enter your customer number and click on submit button. If you do not know your customer number then see your old bills it is written there.

Online bills for Electricity

For the online bills of electricity first you have to know from which electricity supply company your areas belongs. After that do as follows.

Open (for Peshawar and KPK)
Open (for Multan and its affiliated areas)
Open (for Islamabad and its affiliated areas)
Note: the list of other electricity supply companies and their areas is given at the end of this page.

Once you have opened the page enter your Reference number and click on submit button. Your bill shall open you can download it also and get the print of it if you did not receive your bill yet.
List of companies in Pakistan

  1. QESCO for Quetta
  2. HESCO for Hyderabad
  3. FESCO for Faisalabad
  4. GESCO for Gujranwala
  5. SESCO for Sukkur
  6. KESCO for Karachi
  7. LESCO for Lahore
  8. TESCO for Tribal

Note: If your area is from the list then open Google search engine and search online bills for the electricity company concerned, like “Online bills of LESCO”. The method to see the bill is all the same. If your area is not mentioned on the list then you have find your electricity company and search on Google.

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