How to repair UPS battery

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How to repair UPS battery

In summer weather your UPS battery makes problems for you. UPS batteries usually get out of order and you are left with no choice than to purchase and new one. What happens when you try to purchase new battery? Doesn’t that usually happen that the battery sellers purchase your old battery that you think is out of order. Now the question is why they purchase a think that is good for nothing. Have you ever thought of that?

Let us tell you the real story of the old battery

Actually your old battery is not completely out of order and with little treatment that may be repaired. Now let us tell you how to repair the old battery that you think is good for nothing.

How to repair old battery

Remember if the one cell of battery is out of order it affects that entire performance of it and you think that the whole battery is useless and not chargeable. Remember if you repair the cell it will work again as a new battery. Let us tell you how.

1. Take two things;
           a. Epsom Salt: it is available in any medical store. It is also known as magnesium sulfate.
           b. Distilled Water (Acid): it is available on the shop of battery sellers
2. Mix two cups of Epsom salt and two cups of acid water in a pot and put it on a hot stove so that they get mixed properly.
3. After getting mixed leave it for sometime so that it get on the normal temperature again.
4. Turn off the UPS and disconnect your battery from it.
5. Open all the chamber caps of the battery.
6. Remove all the water from the battery.
7. Fill the chambers with the mixture you have just made to the level that is indicated on the battery.
8. Close the chambers with the caps again.
9. Attach the battery with the UPS for charging.
10. After one week (7 days) battery’s performance improves to the level of the new battery.

Warning! Please be careful and make sure the following;

Use gloves when you are doing that.
Disconnect and connect your battery properly with the UPS.
Never leave terminals loose so that they may not tough each other.
Keep children away from the battery.
Remember, the battery sellers do the same and they renew the old battery and sell it again in the price of a new battery so beware of them and if your battery is out of order insist to repair the effected cell only if you are not repairing on your own.

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