How to reduce mobile charging timing

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Usually people are annoyed and they keep on complaining about the charging time of their phone, especially at the time they are in hurry. So we have decided to give you a trick to improve battery charging time. By this method you will get your mobile charged quickly quite as you desire. So let’s be in touch what useful information regarding charging timing we share with you on this page.

Why your phone takes time in charging

First of all it is very important to know what causes the charging timing to extend about two hours in many cases, and usually one or one and a half hour. Remember its nothing but the functions your phone is performing. These functions or activities are hidden and makes you unbeknown to the fact that your mobile is doing something without being seen. Well, your mobile is using wifi or running some app in the background what is not generally visible. People usually are not aware of the fact that what’s going on and what they need to do.

What to do to reduce charging time

The best way forward to reduce charging time is the turn on flight mode. Do you know why? It turns all connections off. It turns off wifi searches, and stops apps to run at the background if they use internet connection.

The best strategy

The best strategy in this connection might be to turn your phone off while charging. It makes everything off hence gives better conditions to reduce charging time considerably.

Well, try these tips and you will find them workable. Keep on visiting us for useful information


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