How to recover deleted files in USB and memory card

Announced on 10th September, 2017

f by chance you have deleted the valuable files from your PC, USB or memory card and you are worried about this. Suppose if you have your thesis deleted from your laptop and the whole research of months got lost in a moment. What a terrible news that may be for you.

But what, if I tell you that you can recover the deleted data once again!

Don’t believe it!!! Well let me explain it to you and do as directed on this page and you will definitely get your lost data back in your PC.

How to recover deleted data

Very important Note: First of all read this very important note. Remember, DO NOT paste anything in the directory in which the data is deleted. Let it be as it is. If you have pasted anything there you won’t be able to recover your data.

In order to recover lost data there are many softwares some free and some paid. This tutorial shall be above EaseUs data recovery wizard. Therefore please download and install it in your PC and follow the following step by step method;

1st step

Open the software you have installed (EaseUs data recovery wizard)

2nd step

Select the type of data which was deleted from your PC. That data may be document, audio, video, graphics, emails or other types.

3nd step

once you have selected the type of your deleted data now hit the next button

4th step

EaseUs data recovery wizard shall ask you about the specific drive from where the data was deleted. Select the drive and click of scan button

5th step

When the scan is complete select recycle bin from the left menu and your deleted files shall be there

6th step

Select the file you want to recover and click on recover button. Your deleted file shall be recovered.

7th step

if your complete file is not recovered yet or some parts of it are not properly recovered you can recover them by deep scan option. Click on deep scan. By that way the complete file or files shall be fully recovered.

Hope that information will help. Keep visiting us for more useful information. Thanks a lot


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