How to measure your plot through internet

Internet utilities

Measure land from anywhere in the world

Now you can measure land from anywhere in the world. For this purpose do follow the following instructions.

  1. Install Google Earth. Click here to install Google Earth.
  2. Once Google Earth is installed now you can measure any land or plot from anywhere in the world.
  3. Open Google Earth and first of all find your plot, house or land with the help of search option (top left).
  4. Now click on Show Ruler option from the top line of the interface as guided in the image below.
  5. By clicking the ruler option a dialogue box shall appear. Being in the Line tab select your Map length as Feet.
  6. Now put the cursor on the one corner of your plot and right click there and move it to the other corner. The measurement shall be calculated automatically in the dialogue box.
  7. Now measure all four sides of your plot in the same way and note all the measurements with you.

How to calculate marlas and kinals

If you want to know about how many marlas or kinals are there in your plot, land or house just follow the following formula.

The formula

Multiply length with width (in feet) and divide it into 272.

If the length and width of your plot is 74 feet than

Multiply length (74) with width (74): 74 X 74 = 5476

Now divide 5476 to 272: 5476 / 272= 20.13

Note: Remember 272 are the square feet in one marla

It means your plot is of 20 marlas or one kinal.

You have to calculate every plot according to this formula. Remember if two sides of length or width are difference then calculate their average (For average add two measurements and divided them into 2).

Find the length of any road

In order to calculate the length of any road open Google Earth, click on Ruler icon at the top, select Path in the dialogue box and give length in Kilometers. Now if you click on any two points of the road it shall calculate its distance in kilometers. You can select other lengths like; miles, yards, feet etc.

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