How to make simplest AC (everyone can make it)

Money / Energy saving tips

We claim that anyone who is using pedestal fan can make AC from it. Read this page and make your AC RIGHT NOW IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES

Now-a-days we face scorching and sultry summer everywhere and the people living in Pakistan are suffering from the intense heat, especially in the plain areas of Punjab and Sindh. In the months from May to September we witness unbearably increasing heat.

The people of Pakistan are mostly poor and they cannot afford AC, owing to which we keep on telling you some very useful and cheapest methods to make your life more convenient in the scarcity of resources. Our aim is to give you our best so that you really get some benefits from us to make your life easier and better.

On this page we shall tell you the most affordable way to make AC for you

Make AC: Things you need

In order to make an AC that everyone can afford you need the following things;

  1. Two one litre empty cold drink bottles
  2. One knife / blade
  3. Ice cubes
  4. Paper pins
  5. Pedestal fan

Is it not amazing for you! These are things we can find nearly in every home in cities and even in villages. Now let me tell you how to make AC from the items mentioned above

How to make AC

Once you have the above things with you that are necessary to make AC lets get started. Do as guided below

  1. Take two empty bottles of cold drink
  2. Cut their bottoms with blade or knife
  3. Make holes in the bottles
  4. Take two hangers
  5. Hang the bottles at the back of your pedestal fan
  6. Fill the bottles with ice cubes
  7. Isn’t that easy! Now sit before the fan that will give you a cold air

Everyone can easily make his / her AC in a way we have told you. Site before it and enjoy and do remember to keep visiting us for more useful information to make your life more convenient than ever

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