How to increase the picking power of your vehicle

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Symptoms of weak pick of your car

If your car does not have enough power to drive through even slight slops or it doesn’t gain maximum speed on even and smooth road it means the pick of your vehicle is weak. We generally go to the automobile mechanics to adjust the pick of our vehicle. In this connection we generally get swindled. If the mechanic is not honest he would ask you for entire tuning of your car or contrive some other fault in your car that may result into extra expenditure.

If you have the pick problem with your car then you are on the right place to get it resolved in minutes. The PICK PROBLEM OF YOUR CAR CAN BE RESOLVED BY YOURSELF WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC IN 5 MINUTES. Let me tell you how you would do it.

What can cause pick problem in your automobile

Gas supply in your vehicle is controlled by two things; from cylinder and from the gas kit. If your automobile has symptoms of pick problem as mentioned earlier it would have been caused by two major following faults;

The gas supply of your car is minimum from the cylinder

The gas supply to the gas kit in the engine is minimum

How to resolve pick problem of your car

In order to resolve the pick problem of your car you have to resolve the above two problems. So let me tell you here that how you would do it. Please follow the following instructions;

Ensure that the gas supply from the cylinder of your car is proper

Ensure that the gas supply to the gas kit in the engine is proper

See the gas adjustment valve with your cylinder. Adjust the valve if gas is not supplied properly.

If that is not the case with your car then you have to check the gas kit in the engine. Open the bonnet of your car and find the gas kit as you see the images.

With the gas kit you will find the gas pipe along with one another adjustment valve. Now do as instructed;

Start your car and give full accelerator to find the strength of your engine. You will find that the pick is weak.

Now turn the gas valve a bit loose. This adjustment value is with the main gas pipe attached with the kit.

Now once again give full accelerator. You will see the engine gained strength now.

Adjust the valve with the proper full strength of your accelerator. This will take few minutes and once you found that the pick of your car is adjusted fix the valve on that level.

Now drive your car with confidence and save your money.

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