How to find out chassis number tempering

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Unfortunately buying a new car is really a problem. You are not aware about the original condition of the car whether or not it is accidental, tempered or whether the documents are original and not forged or duplicate. There are two major things that create a hurdle in the process of buying a new car and they are;

Physical condition of the car
Legal documents of the car

So here we shall tell you what is the most important thing you should see first while buying a car. The most important thing before buying a car is what car dealers check at first, because they bear every responsibility, and that is chassis number. If the condition of the car is fine but the chassis number is tempered that is good for nothing and never buy that car. Remember, before selling a car sellers usually try to make it mechanically fine so that it may attract attention, but that is the trick to make people feel good for what not really is. Don’t trust your eyes, trust your mind and try to dig deep into the matter starting from chassis number.

How to check chassis number tempering

Chassis number is on a thin metal plate above engine. In order to find chassis number tempering you need to press the plate hard with your thumb and if it pops back it is original. Try this. Generally the tempered one is welded and hence it doesn’t pop back and remains hard at pressing.
The other way to find out the originality of the chassis number is take that car to the nearby showroom and see what dealers are most mindful of. You will see they shall first open the bonnet and have a close look on chassis number. They shall rub it clean, press it hard and sometimes see the alignment of the figures. If it falls short in anything they shall never buy that car or at least give you a fair price. So be careful and never become an easy prey.

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