How to build your AC at home

Money / Energy saving tips

Since in our regions, especially in plains, there is a scorching summer and if we use air conditioners (AC) we cannot afford because of the burden of bills. That’s why we need to have some other source in which we can save energy and have maximum utility. Here we shall show you how to make AC at home. It is very cheap that you can make it in less than Rs.1500 (that may be 15$). Interesting thing is that everyone can make it easily and it consumes as less electricity as two energy savers can. Just follow the instructions below;

Things you need to make energy saving air conditioner

  1. Plastic pail
  2. A little fan of the size of 6 to 7 inches
  3. Packing material
  4. Plastic tubes of 2 inches wide
  5. Drill machine

How to make an Air conditioner (AC) at home

1. First of all take one plastic pail. It must have a fixed lid so that when you close it should go airtight. Now insert packing material into it in such a way that it should cover the bottom and all sides of the walls as shown in the following image.

2. Now take a drill machine and make three holes in the pail as shown in the following image. Remember, the holes should be in accordance with the size of the plastic tubes / pipes.

3. Make sure the holes are through the packing material also as shown in the above image.

4. Now you have to cut the tubes into three pieces of equal size as shown in the image.

5. Once you have cut it into three equal size pieces insert them into the holes of the pail as shown in the image and glue them so that they may be fixed and become airtight.

6. Now take the lid and make the hole in it equal to the size of the fan so that the fan may be fixed in it. See the image

7. Once you have made a hole now fix the fan in it properly so that when you close it the air must not be leaked from sides. The face of the fan must be turned inside so that when you turn it on the air goes inside the bucket. See the image;

8. Now take one plastic bag or a shopping bag and put lot of ice in it and place it inside the bucket.

Your home-made air conditioner is now ready when you will turn on the fan it shall give cold icy air from the three tubes you have inserted in the holes.

We have told you the basic principal of making a cheapest air conditioner (AC) that can save maximum energy. Now you can make air conditioner of the size and design as you want. Enjoy the cool air and keep visiting us for the really useful information.

Make this air conditioner, saver energy and pay less bills. For more useful tips and information do visit our site and you will see much more

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