Google Earth: See your past

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Google Earth is the great tool to make past live with you capturing its every moment. Now the Google Earth is much more advanced and why not to take advantage of it. If you want to see the past that is related to you then you are on the right page. Internet is the great blessing. It solves our many problems gives rare knowledge and satisfies our desires. Here we shall tell you how to see the past time, on Google Earth, that is related to you and your surroundings. We will tell you the followings;

1. How your house looked like years ago.
2. When your house was constructed and how it looked like then.
3. How was your village, city or surroundings years ago and how they get changed with the passage of time.
4. How was the traffic on the roads years ago and how it increased with the passage of time

You can see that with your eyes, not only that but lot more. Now see the following pictures and imagine how time passed and how houses are constructed in a deserted place.

This all is possible because of Google Earth. Let me tell you the way how to do it. Lets get started.
Follow the following instructions;

1. Install Google Earth
2. Go to the place of which you want to know the past
3. Go to the top bar of icons and select the icon showing time names “historical imagery”
4. No sooner you selected that you will see the bar with starting and ending date.
5. Now use the arrows on the either side of time bar and you will see your screen will show you the time you have selected.

Enjoy Google Earth

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