Easiest method to repair corrupt Memory card / USB

Memory card / USB solutions

Sometimes it happens that the memory card or USB gets corrupt. They cannot be opened or formatted. When you insert such USB or memory card with your computer it gives the message that “your file or directory is corrupted or unreadable”. There is an option to format but when you format it doesn’t work. People usually get worried and they think the USB or memory card is completely out of order and they usually throw such USB or memory card. But remember such USB or memory card is only affected by virus. Once virus is removed it works fine. So if you have such a USB or memory card don’t worry I shall tell you a step-by-step method to format it and make it usable.

Step-by-step method to repair corrupted memory card or USB

Step 1

Insert the corrupted USB or memory card with your computer or laptop

Step 2

Go to the start menu and write command prompt in search box

Note: Make sure that open command prompt as administrator. In this connection you have to right click on command prompt option and click on “run as administrator”

Step 3

When command prompt is opened type “diskpart” and press enter

Step 4

When the process gets completed it will show DISKPART> instead of any disk name. now write “list disk” and press enter button

Step 5

Now list of drives shall be shown including your USB or memory card

Step 6

Write command “select disk 3” and press enter. Remember this “3”is the number of your drive. If your USB or memory card drive is 2 in the list you have to write 2 instead of 3.

Note: do not write wrong drive it will format the wrong drive.

Step 7

The corrupted USB or memory card is now selected and now you have to clean it from virus. Therefore write “clean”and press enter button. It will keep you waiting for some time.

Step 8

Once the disk is cleaned it shall give a message “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk”

Step 9

Now write the command “create partition primary”

Step 10

When partition is created and command prompt gives the message now you have to format that partition. Therefore write “format fs-fat32” and press enter.

Step 11

Formatting process shall start from 0% to 100%. It shall take time. When formatting is 100% now your memory card or USB is ready to use and it is fine as before.


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