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Buying a used car is a big problem and generally people are not aware what they should do. They just see the car, collect its documents make payment and the job is over to them. But remember this is not the way. There can be the following problems with the car;

1. Car chassis number is tempered
2. Documents are not original, duplicate or forged
3. Number plates are not original
4. The car have been used in any illegal activity

The purpose of this page is to educate you how to get rid of these problems. Read this page to its end and you shall be having a good deal of knowledge about the safe process of buying a car. If you buy a new car there is no such problem but this happens in the case of used cars.
Steps to buy used cars

There are the following things you must do;

Online verification

First of all you should verify the registration number of the car online to see its owner’s name, chassis number, engine number, color etc. The official link of excise offices from where you can verify are given at the end of this page.

Original Registry of the car

Before buying and car make sure that the seller should give you original registry (registration copy) of the car. There are two types of registration copy. The red copy is computerized and the other one is non-computerized. In case of computerized (red copy) you will see the details of the previous owners of the car. Mach this detail with return file (if the seller has it). On computerized copy excise authority usually stick stickers whereas on the non-computerized copy you will see handwritings and official stamps.

Original Return file

Remember, the excise offices of Punjab and Sindh issue return files to the owner. If you are buying a car with the registration number other than these two provinces you need not demand return file because other provinces do not issue it. And if you are buying a car that is registered in Sindh or Punjab you must demand return file and upon non availability, we suggest, you should decline buying the car. Make sure that three things are attached in the file;
• Sale certificate
• Sale invoice
• Details of the previous owners of the car with transfer deeds and CNICs.
Note: Remember no anything in the file should be duplicate. You better get it checked by the excise office. In case engine number is changed there must be concerned documents in the file with 15 verification.

NIC of the seller

You must have CNIC of the seller. Make sure that the seller’s name is entered in the registration copy and return file. After buying a car you will need the copy of the seller’s CNIC to get the car transferred and registered on your name.

Sale Deed

Sale deed or transfer of ownership is written on a stamp paper. Sale deed must have the following information;
• Information of the seller and buyer
• Type of the vehicle
• Chassis number
• Engine number
• Year of manufacture
• HP / CC
• Car color and registration authority
• Payment and its receipt verification
• Thumb impression of seller and buyer
• Documents responsibility from the seller

Original number plates

Remember the number plates are issued by the excise office, not private number plate makers. And it is very important that you should have them. You must make sure that the seller has given you the original number plates issued by the excise office. In case the original number plates are not with the seller then he must give you the copy of FIR. Sometimes the original number plates are stolen and used in any criminal activity and in that case FIR shall help you out.

Ensure your safety by every possible step, because once you have bought the car it is your responsibility.

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