5 mistakes of mobile charging

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mobile charging mistakes

Mostly people do not know that they are doing severe mistakes while charging their mobiles. That is why their mobile batteries do not stand for long and they go out of order. Here, on this page we shall tell you some useful tips how to charge your mobile correctly that makes it stand longer.

Charging percentage and timing

Mostly people charge their mobiles when the battery is fully drained and they charge it fully (100%). Remember that is a mistake, never charge your mobile fully. You must start charging your mobile when it is 20 to 30 percent and charge it up to 80 or 90 percent. Now you have got it that people are unaware of the very common mistake.

Hot and cold places

While charging, put your mobile on a place which must not be either hot or cold. People usually put their mobiles on computer CPUs which are hot. Remember your mobile doesn’t charge well in hot or cold places.

Mobile cover

Remove the cover of your mobile while charging. Cover gives heat to your mobile battery and damages it.


You must use original charger. That charger has the proper output your mobile needs. If you use other charger instead its output doesn’t match with the mobile and therefore it damages it.

No charging app

Don’t use any app that helps your battery fast. Any such application keeps on running at the background and uses battery.

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