10 best iphone and android apps of 2017

Latest android and iphone apps

Here I shall tell you what are the 10 best iphone and android apps of 2017 that you will find cool installing and using on your phone. So without delay lets get started;


Are you annoyed of shifting from one app of social media to another? This app is for social media lovers. This can give you simultaneous access to different social media sites at one place without opening different apps or browser. You and access you Facebook account, Twitter and Instagram at one place. No need to bother clicking apps. Lets try it.


This is the cool application for the editing pictures on your phone. You can give text on the images at the same time. It has lot many functions. Just give it a try.


Are you annoyed of the slow browsers? If so, there comes a browser that will dispel all your speed concerns. Brave is free and the fast browser and you won’t see any ads on it. Just give it a try.


Kinemaster is the app for android and iphone for editing videos. While editing the video you can cut it short and trim it. You can also increase the playing speed of your video. Different filters or themes may also be applied to the videos if your want to. Once the video is edited the way you like you can export it.

Clipboard actions

Do you know what the clipboard is? It is the file which temporarily saves what you copy from texts files, message or whatever. Clipboard action saves whatever you copy and you can see it later whenever you want. This is the cool app to let you glance back to what notes you have copied over the time.

All-in-one toolbar

As the name of the app indicates it gives you the easy access to the toolbars introducing many new ones with cool features. Here you can clear your phone from the temporary files and cache so that your phone works faster. It gives a memory feature to let you manage it and to give a boost to your phone. You can also create backups and restore backups from the tool of file manager. One another cool feature you would like is to transfer the apps to you SD Card. It has a host of widgets to be used for your convenience.


This is the app that helps you send your messages in the shorter time possible. The question is how? Let me tell you, it enables you to just write initials and the rest would be done on its own. For example just write “ttye” and it will convert it into “Talk to you later on”. You and make your own initials the way you like. So just write the letter and it would give you the word.

Parallel space

Like flyso this cool app gives you simultaneous access to the multiple accounts of messenger, whatsapp, viber or whatever. You can use more than one or two accounts at the same time. One cool feature is its being password or fingerprint protected.


This is the wonderful app that allows you to automatically switch off the apps that use much of your battery at the time when battery is low. You can customize the time and you are done. It will switch off phone’s wifi or whatever consumes battery power, to let your battery stay longer

Wallpaper craft

That is the wonderful app for those who are interested in wallpapers. Once you install it detects the resolution of your phone and provides you with the bunch of different wallpapers according to that resolution. You can select and download them to your phone.

Now use the above apps with confidence and keep in touch with us with more useful information.

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